About Dyme Boxing Jr.

Dyme Boxing Jr

Dyme Boxing Jr.(DB Jr.) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit amateur boxing club that promotes self-discipline, healthy eating habits, exercise, and positive youth development for boys and girls, 8-17, in the Charlotte area. DB Jr.'s mission is to provide a properly coached and supervised amateur boxing program. The program is a vehicle to instruct sportsmanship, values of conditioning, a positive release of frustration and energy, as well as to develop self-confidence and good character.


We Value:

  • Confidence

  • Respect

  • Sportsmanship

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Control



  • Provide an after-school amateur youth boxing program with a 10:1 student to instructor ratio.

  • Provide mentoring by respectable coaches and staff

  • Provide nutrition and self-care education

  • Provide opportunities for amateur boxing

  • Collaborate with local like-minded non-profits

  • Provide character building experiences


Program Fundamentals

Building Character:

One of the primary benefits of being involved in a properly run boxing program is gaining confidence. By developing their skills in the ring and learning how to train properly to be in the right shape, athletes become very confident in themselves. This is a sort of trait that everyone wants to see our young people develop.


Along with confidence comes sportsmanship. Amateur boxing focuses on being a good sport. Boxers learn not only how to be good losers, but even more importantly, good winners. In the average gym, less than 1% of the athletes will become professional boxers, but all of them will learn the skills to become contributing members of society. The sense of self-worth that comes with achieving the different skill levels of this sport is immeasurable. It extends far beyond the ring.

Self Control:

Another positive outcome of an amateur boxing program is its influence on controlling anger and aggression. Boxing by design is a proven deterrent to anger and aggression problems. Athletes in a properly run boxing program learn that losing their temper or being overly aggressive is extremely counter-productive. An athlete soon learns that self-control is as important as being in good shape. We all know how important it is to have an effective way to control and positively direct aggression in today's youth.

Team Effort:

Although the actual competition of amateur boxing is an individual sport, the boxer would not have any success without the support of the team of trainers, gym mates, sparring partners, and sponsors. Boxing is an individual sport that encourages the positive character attribute of self-motivation, however it also demonstrates the team effort and the importance of collaboration.